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Paul J Ridden

Fine Master Violins


Luthier ~ Paul John Ridden
Graduate of Edgar Russ Cremona Italy
Academy of Violin Making

As a young man of 28, I studied the works of Stradivarius & Guarneri and became passionate about recreating the beauty of sound and form these makers represent. Coming from a family where I learned musical instruments at an early age, I had a ear for music and sound. I learned the art from a selection of different makers and invested thousands of dollars in books and materials to study and experiment with materials & design.
These violins incorporate the methods of Stradivarius & Guarneri ~including antique recipes of aromatic oil varnish (in-house) and wood acoustics enhancement.
After years of research I have developed a sound knowledge of how acoustics of the violin are modified to create a soloist quality instrument.
Coming from an engineering background (which the greats like Leonardo da Vinci had), enables beautiful and functional designs with the ability to create beautiful forms from ideas and visualised concepts of colour, form and symmetry incorporating the Golden Ratio which was used in the oil paintings of the old masters.

Pigments and transparent lakes are carefully selected to give a beautiful finish. My violins have a multi dimensional sound with a large sound palette with rich timbre, silky smooth response, intensity, clarity, projection and focus. These violins are all handmade and hand varnished with Amber Oil Varnish of the finest quality.

The violins I create are bought by, professional players and students approaching professional level & players who just appreciate the best. 

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