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Fine Master Violins International Violin Competition

Accelerate your musical journey apply today !!!
Over $40,000 in prizes

White Walls


Rules for competition Australia & International

International entries are to be done buy summiting videos for both the first round and final rounds. International applicants may choose to enter online for finals or in person


This competition has three categories / age groups and 2 sub categories.



13 - 19

20 - 100. 


Sub categories (no age limit)


Community orchestra prize - any violinist from a community orchestra can apply (please specify this in your application in the heading). 


A) solo

B)Duo, trio or Quartet (violin only)


Prize - 3 lessons in person or online with members of The Crossing Machine. 


YouTube link - most views - closing date 1/2/25.

Prize - voucher for music store


Round 1:

Send a video of yourself (unedited and uncut - 2 videos will not be accepted) playing with or without accompaniment 3 - 8 minutes. All mediums of video will be accepted. If we cannot access it we will contact you so you can resend in a different format. 

Articulate why you are deserving of victory and let your love for music shine. 


Selection of these pieces.


Any movement from a Bach Sonata or Partita

Any entire Telemann Fantasia

Any movement from a Beethoven Sonata 




Any contemporary work written after the year 2000 from Australia or other countries. 


Send your application with:



2.Why you deserve to win 

3.Proof of payment to:


Round 2: 


10 finalists will be selected from each main category (not sub category).

Each of these 10 finalists will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with The Crossing Machine for the final round. 


Date and venue (Melbourne, Australia) of second round to be confirmed depending on amount of applicants ( limited places, so don’t wait).


All participants accept that these rules and regulations can be amended any time without prior notice within reason. 


All participants must be able to present in Melbourne, Australia for live performance for the finals. 

No travel monies will be available from the competition. 



Three winners will be selected from each category. 



The Prizes 

Over $40,000 in prizes

Category 1 - age 6-12

1st prize - 

A custom Limited Edition Stradivari or Guarneri violin Valued at $8,250 built especially for you by

Master Luthier Paul John Ridden of

2nd prize - A Struna violin from Whitehorse Music - value $995

3rd prize - A $200 voucher to a music store. 

Audience prize - $200 

Category 2 - age 13 - 19


1st prize - 

A custom Limited Edition Stradivari or Guarneri violin Valued at $8,250 built especially for you by

Master Luthier Paul John Ridden of

2nd prize  - A violin made by Paul ridden from 2020 - 2024. 

3rd prize - A struna violin from Whitehorse Music 


Audience prize $500


Category 3 - age 20 - 100

1st prize - 

A custom Limited Edition Stradivari or Guarneri violin Valued at $8,250 built especially for you by

Master Luthier Paul John Ridden of

2nd prize - A violin made by Paul Ridden from 2020 - 2024.

3rd prize - a voucher for $300 for a music store 


Audience prize - $500 proudly sponsored by Sydney Strings Centre


YouTube prize - a $300 voucher to a music store 


Community orchestra prize - 3 coaching sessions with members of The Crossing Machine in person or online. 


All decisions are final and will not be discussed with the adjudicators. 





In the first category adjudicators are looking for ability to play in time and in tune, good posture, and the ability to understand the music they are playing. The ability to technically play accurately with the idea of what the music means to use the technique for this purpose. 


In 2nd and 3rd categories. 

Adjudicators are looking for advanced technical ability coupled with a deep understanding of the music they are playing. Play in time without the tempo changing if not written in the music.


Criteria for the finals 


The finalists will demonstrate that they are capable of playing in a chamber music setting and communicate with the other members of a small chamber group. They will have 30 minutes to rehearse a short piece before presenting in the finals. Pieces announced after 1st round. The finalists will have an understanding of the sound they produce within the ensemble and the ability to be flexible in intonation, tempo and style. 




Full: $40



The Crossing Machine 

BSB: 063 147

ACC: 1090 7979


Please email digital proof of payment  with video and specify why you deserve to win.



The Adjudicators


1. Dunja Lavrova ~ Links below

Dunja Lavrova Facebook page

Dunja Lavrova. playing Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen


2. The Crossing Machine string quartet. 


3. Paul J Ridden - Violin, Viola & Cello maker (Fine Master Violins)



All contestants / participants will gain free entry to the finals in Melbourne

(Value $70). 

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