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Z Violins & Cellos Stradivari

Z Violins & Cellos Stradivari


Z Violins & Cellos

Violin Stradivari style


Recommended Retail $5,000

Made in Europe to high quality specifications

Plays beautifully and easily


Fine flame maple tonewood wood and spruce



More projection

Large range of sound palettes

3D sound as opposed to 2D sound

Wider range of dynamics

Round tonal quality

Strong clean "G" string

Won't choke with extra weight on strings

Clear easily played harmonics

Silky smooth neck and fingerboard promoting ease of playing, especially difficult passages

Soloist quality sound for Symphony, Quartet or recording

Bespoke setup for string height, bridge height, bridge string spacing, bridge curvature and nut string spacing enabling more speed and ease in playing


Larsen 11 Cannone Violin Strings

3 months from time of order
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